Munger Division
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Vandana Kini (IAS) Divisional commissioner commr-mun-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431236740 222465 Fort Area, Commissioner Office Munger, Bihar
Manu Maharaaj (IPS) DIG Munger dig-munger-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431822965 243152 Fort Area, Commissioner Office Munger, Bihar
District Administration
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Rajesh Meena (IAS) District Magistrate dm-munger[dot]bih[at]nic[dot]in 9473191391 222254 Fort Area, Collectorate Munger, Bihar
Prashant Kumar (IAS) DDC ddc-munger[dot]bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431818368 Fort Area, District Board Munger
Dr. Bidyanand Singh ADM admmunger[dot]bih[at]gmail[dot]com 9473191392 Fort Area Munger, Revenue Office Munger, Bihar
SDM Sadar SDM sdosadar12[at]gmail[dot]com 9473191393 222403 Fort Area, SDO Office Munger
SDM Haveli Kharagpur SDM sdokharagpur123[at]gmail[dot]com 9473191394 252101 SDO Office, Haveli Kharagpur,Munger
SDM Tarapur SDM sdotrp[at]gmail[dot]com 9473191395 256142 SDO Office, Tarapur,Munger
DCLR Sadar DCLR dclrmgr[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412352 Fort Area, SDO Office Munger
DCLR Tarapur DCLR dclrtrp[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412353 SDO Office, Tarapur,Munger
DCLR Haveli Kharagpur DCLR dclrkharagpur[at]yahoo[dot]com 8544412351 SDO Office, Haveli Kharagpur, Munger
Police Officer
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Gaurav Mangla (IPS) Superintendent of Police sp-munger-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431800006 222444 Fort Area, S.P Office Munger
Hari Shankar Kumar Additional Supdt. of Police 9431800027 Fort Area, Office of Additional Supdt. of Police Munger
SDPO (HQ) SDPO HQ DYSP-HQ-MUNGER[at]GOV[dot]IN 8544428450 Fort Area, Munger
SDPO Tarapur SDPO 9431800028 SDPO Office,Tarapur
SDPO Haveli Kharagpur SDPO 9431800026 SDPO Office, Haveli Kharagpur
District Level Officer
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Ranjan Kumar Yadav ADIO ranjan[dot]kumaryadav89[at]nic[dot]in 8987495805 Fort Area, Collectorate Building, NIC Office Munger
District Land Acquisition Officer District Land Acquisition Officer 8294318080 Fort Area, Munger
District Public Relations Officer District Public Relations Officer dpro-mun[at]prdbihar[dot]gov[dot]in 9431054096 Fort Area , Munger
District Education Officer District Education Officer deomunger[dot]edn[at]gmail[dot]com 8544411606 Fort Area. Munger
District Supply Officer District Supply Officer 9470221150 Fort Area, Munger
District Panchayati Raj Officer District Panchayati Raj Officer dpmu[dot]munger[at]gmail[dot]com 9973555557 Fort Area, Munger
Deputy Election Officer Deputy Election Officer dyeo_munger[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in 9431405782 Fort Area Munger
District Planning Officer District Planning Officer 9431236388 District Planning Office, Fort Area
DTO Munger District Transport Officer dto-munger-bih[at]nic[dot]in 6202751129 Fort Area, DTO Office Munger
Assistant Director, Social Security ADSS 8521223247 Fort Area, Near SP Office Munger
Block Level Officer
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
C.O Sangrampur C.O circleofficer[dot]sangrampur[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412672 Block Office Sangrampur
BDO Sangrampur BDO bdo[dot]san-mg-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431818257 Block Office Sangrampur
C.O Tetiabambar C.O cotetiabambar[dot]mgr[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412665 Block Office Tetiabambar
BDO Tetiabambar BDO bdo[dot]tet-mg-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431818258 Block Office Tetiabambar
C.O Asarganj C.O asarganjco[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412671 Block Office Asarganj
BDO Asarganj BDO bdo[dot]asa-mg-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431818573 Block Office Asarganj
C.O H. Kharagpur C.O co[dot]hkharagpur[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412664 Block Office H. Kharagpur
BDO H.Kharagpur BDO bdo[dot]hak-mg-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431818571 Block Office H. Kharagpur
C.O Tarapur C.O cotarapur4[at]gmail[dot]com 8544412673 Block Office Tarapur
BDO Tarapur BDO bdo[dot]tar-mg-bih[at]nic[dot]in 9431818256 Block Office Tarapur