Mir Kasim Tunnel


It is said that Princess Gul and Prince Bahar used to hide under the tunnels by the riverside in order to weak vengeance upon the British officers. They used to clothe themselves with tiger skins during the nights. Once Bahar, on his rounded in a dark might was caught sight of by a British officer who instantaneously shot the Prince dead. The truth was reveled next morning and the Prince was said to have been buried by the darga of Pir Shah-Nafah-Gul. The Prince was found dead in a man’s attire by the side of her brother’s tomb, where she was also buried. The officer, responsible for Bahar’s and incidentally Gul’s death ordered for a daily salute of guns in the evening to mourn the loss of these children.

  • Mir Kasim Tunnel
  • Mir Kasim Tunnel
  • Mir Kasim Tunnel
  • Mir Kasim Tunnel
  • Mir Kasim Tunnel
  • Mir Kasim Tunnel

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Distance between Munger and Patna Airport is 185 kms

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